Digital Marketers Start Embracing
Videos for Branding and Promotion

Online marketing works on set goals and targets.

If you achieve it, you are the winner. If not, what is next?

Video Marketing for A Performance Boost

Nothing Sells Better Than A Good Video Story!!!!

Business goals have changed with the changing attitude of online audience. Now they prefer watching inspirational and content oriented creative videos than reading long articles and Ad lines. This is the best time to put a strong hold on Video Advertising. Both B2C and B2B Markets are addicted towards videos. The upcoming years show more traction in the video marketing field. Entrepreneurs expect 80% of all online content to be video by 2019.

A consumer's attitude towards videos

Consumers are highly interested in watching videos before taking any major buying decisions. They only watch Explainer Videos, Branding Videos and Marketing videos that connect. Videos communicate and connect with target customers, if it can:

  • 1. Entertain
  • 2. Inspire
  • 3. Educate
  • 4. Create awareness

Video Marketing Strategy for Digital Marketing Companies

Digital Marketing companies should pay more attention to creating videos. Do you know why? Online crowd is on video sites, mainly Youtube for watching amazing and Informative videos. Only a good Animation and Live video creating company can do it.

Billion Dollar Industries Use of Impressive Animated Videos


It`s not about ideas. It`s about making ideas happen. TOON EXPLAINERS, we make ideas happen!

Being the front runner in the industry of animated explainer video production, we know how to create effective explainer videos designed specifically for your business. We understand your target audience and know how to capture their attention. Our talented team of experts from various fields makes our videos stand out in the market. Our meticulous process of video making ensures a high standard of quality in our videos.

Each stage of our process, from script to animation, aims towards growing your business. Our explainer videos are well structured and in-line with what your business offers.

Tops Reasons for brands Using Marketing Videos

Choose The Video Styles You Want

Our experience talk to you with 210+ clients covering 18+ different industries

2D Animation
3D Animation
White Board Animation
Cartoon Animation
Explainer Videos
Story Telling Videos
Motion Graphics
Promotional Video

Top Reasons for people to be away from Videos

1. Products / Services are not explained in a clear way

2. Low quality video Creation

3. Wrong theme Selection

4. Very poor designs

5. Bad animation

Video marketing and its Impact on Public

Sample Videos

Videos for Different Markets





Travel & Hospitality

Fitness & Weight reduction


Apps & Software

Health Care




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